Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 3, 2013

Its sat spend a few minutes getting us a few signatures We only need 10,000

Actually less than that.I have hit all my friends and Family. I even got my Mom to sign it for Christ sake. If each of ya can pull in one more we will get there! I want Obama to Have to Address this!!! Come on y'all Lets Do this! Its for the Children. Really it would be a sad damn world if in a couple years when he's old enough to shot my Grandson won't know the joy of dumping 30 rnds out of an Ar or Ak fucking sad! We owe it to future generations. My Grandson will not able to say Grandpa why didn't you guys fight. I am out of people to hit up,if you have anybody left please get em to sign. I have my ex, my daughter, my daughter in law all putting it on Facebook. One more big push !

Read this,then lets discuss taxes! Is income taxes legal?

I did some studying on this when 3%4 Freedom beat the shit out of 2 IRS agents for trying to seize his Unimoog . I found the IRS is not legal.Most taxes are not legal. Read this Do your reasearch then lets talk!